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Robert Koda Takuma MC ONE aus Inzahlungnahme


Aus Inzahlungnahme

Alter: ca. 5 Jahre

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In the mid 20000's we set out to meet the challenge of creating a truly great phono pre-amplifier. During the following years we introduced the highly acclaimed K-10 and K-15 EX pre-amplifiers but no phono options despite our continued and best efforts.  lt was not until 2014 when we invented a new and superior technique to apply the RIAA equalization curve that the project started to take final shape. A further two years of hard work were still needed to attain our goal.  The final outcome is one that not only achieves an excellent meas ured performance with unique merit s, but most importantly, a sound quality that places analogue as a firm an d clear choice for music lovers. We are now ready to present the Takimi MC-One. 


Equalization - A genuine new approach with real benefits.

Our unique equalization circuit brings about new performance levels that otherwise might be impossible to achieve. The concept has never been applied to any other phono stage before and we are delighted to present it in the MC-One.  Going much deeper than the question of carefully matching component values to achieve good RIAA accuracy (which we do to a fanatical extent anyway), our novel filter actually "lifts" the difficult load off the working transistors. This results in greater fluency of sound, wider headroom and extended resolution. 

High Gain. Massive Headroom. Generous Output and Low Noise.

For very low output moving coil cartridges, up to 72dB of gain available. 
Even at the highest gain setting random noise is weil below that of an unmodulated record groove. Overload margin is impressive with a maximum output of 20V RMS (56V peek to peek), extending far into into the ultrasonic range. This superb combination of low noise, high gain and massive overload margin is a very rare achievement indeed and testament to the designs dexterity. 

Dedicated Moving Coil Only Design.

Traditionally phono pre-amplifiers are built around a moving magnet design with an additional moving coil "head amp" or step-up transformer "tacked" on for MC use. We have chosen to instead design a dedicated moving coil unit from the ground up. By using enlightened techniques with an extra high 160 volt power supply we eliminated the need for either a MC step up transformer or a "head amp". 

Useful switches and connectors.

For mono records, or those best heard in mono, the mono mode may be engaged. For power up / down, stylus cleaning etc, a mute switch is provided. Gain may be adjusted in three steps with a rear control while a second rear control offers fuss free six position cartridge loading. Additional loading options are possible. 
All selectors are rotary switches, purpose built for micro audio levels and of 
the highest quality. 
Inexpensive DIP switches relays or digital control are entirely eschewed in this critical landscape.